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Benefits of a reciprocal link exchange program

Website Promotion - Why should you take the time and effort to exchang links?

The value of website promotion can not be underestimated if you wish to increase website traffic.

Proper website promotion can result in increased page ranking on such sites as Google, Yahoo, MSN and may others, greater website traffic and better search engine placement of your website listing. Often novice webmasters overlook the benefits of reciprocal link exchange, whereas those serious about website promotion know well that reciprocal link exchange with other well placed websites of similar content, not only increases your website traffic, it also greatly enhances the placement of your website listing in most of the major search engines. The few minutes that it takes to add your website details to a reciprocal link partner is a small investment for the returns in increased website traffic and website listing placement. Perhaps more importantly reciprocal links are probably the most economical form of website promotion

Many webmasters under-estimate the value of reciprocal linking and exchanging links with other websites

Even many so-called "web marketing gurus" really do not understand the dynamics of linking. Everyone knows that it is important to search engines, but very little has been written about the real benefits of website promotion through reciprocal linking. Studies have shown the true value of linking, and the advantages of building a substantial link exchange network. For sites that serve a market of enthusiasts, like sports or hobbies, or those that have a large number of resource or directory sites, like careers, then linking should be the foundation of the site's traffic. For businesses, it is a way of driving website traffic that you would not otherwise have received.

Each of these benefits associated with link exchange is quite powerful. Cumulatively, this list places linking as the “king of the hill” when it comes to earning a return on your website marketing endeavours. Because many of these advantages have never been exposed, please read them carefully, and take time to reflect on their true meaning, and the benefits it could have on your website promotion efforts:

* Value: The "cost per click" on most search engines is increasing. As more and more websites vie for the traffic directed by pay-per-click website, the cost to the advertiser will raise. On the other hand reciprocal links from other website, in most instances cost you nothing except the time to submit your URL and other details.

* Reliability: Reciprocal links continue to drive traffic for as long as the links exists. It's true that you can not expect the same results as from the major search engines, but then again, there are no ongoing costs.

* Search Result Enhancement: As long as there are free search engines, many of them will reward you for being "popular". This popularity is often measured in the number of links that are directed to your website, and to a lesser extent to the number of links going out of your site, a commonly overlooked fact. Search engine results and website listing placement tends to improve dramatically for sites that implement good link exchange practices.

* True Network Effect: Reciprocal links are a widely-distributed source of traffic. They are not reliant upon a single point of control, as are many other sources of traffic, like search engines. Links represent a "fail-safe" network. They are protected from the ever-changing criteria and consolidation of the free search engines, and they are sheltered from the competitive attacks that is now taking place with the pay-per-click bidding wars.

* Stability: Reciprocal links gained through link exchange partners are extremely stable, in the aggregate. Sure, you'll lose some links over time, but by and large, they tend to stay in place indefinitely, providing traffic day after week after month after year. And of course there is nothing to prevent you increasing both your popularity and traffic by continuing your link exchange practices and adding addition links over time.

* Publicity: The very act of asking for the link from another site is equivalent to an industry-specific press release, but the payoff here can be long term. You never know what will come your way from making your market aware, especially if your product is new or unique. In fact, in promoting your website you may well also be promoting your product. A legitimate request to another website to sway or exchange links is the ONLY way to properly engage in email website promotion, without "spamming".

* Branding: The more links you have, the greater the "branding" effect for your name. This broad awareness can improve the click-through-ratio for your links. At the least, it makes surfers curious as to why your site name seems to show up everywhere.

*Traffic Driver: A well-structured links page can actually be used to bring people back to your site. As well as being a vehicle for website promotion it can also be a valuable resource to your visitors, and they will come back to it again and again.

* Links to other sites is not a net traffic drain. This line of thinking is simply flawed, for a variety of reasons. The benefits of linking far outweigh the occasional click out of your site by people who are ready to leave. A well-designed links page opens all of the outgoing links in a new browser window, leaving your site open on the user's machine.

* Asset Value: Reciprocal links are assets of the business. Like the bricks of a house, a few don't amount to much, but pile them up, and you have a rock-solid foundation and structure. They can also greatly enhance the equity value of a website.

Please read this last one twice... Affordability: The traffic that comes from established links is essentially free, but earning those links is not. It takes time to build a link network. There are many websites that offer a service to manage and promote your links. Generally there is an upfront cost, which could be viewed as a capital investment in site marketing, and there could be ongoing management fees. The decision to use such a service may depend upon your budget. But for the budget conscious there are always the free links to be achieved simply by politely asking other webmaster to exchange reciprocal links. Most web masters, like yourself, are very interested in website promotion and increasing their website traffic. The majority will be happy to exchange links with your website. great artical from

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As you know, exchanging links helps both sides in improving the traffic (by increased visibility, and by extra scoring in major search engines counting number of links as an important scoring factor).

With that in mind we created a website to help in trading links with our directory of sites along with other tools to help.

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